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We are a team of passionate social media marketers with over 11 years of individual experience. Our team includes social media management experts, digital marketing strategists and content marketing experts. We have worked with every size of business in over 30 countries.

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Social Media networks are kind of biased with the accounts which spend a lot on ads and/or have large followers and engagement counts. 

Engagement is a great metric and it should be considered as the primary signal to help gain more following on social media. But ironically, it does not happen. It takes months and months of continuous efforts, still, the numbers do not match your expectations. 

There’s a kind of internal threshold set on the number of followers to get your account an optimum level of exposure. And, if you don’t cross the threshold, you simply become disheartened and leave your social media marketing midway.

This is where we started FollowerGuru which helps brands, Influencers and Individuals get those initial number of followers, likes and engagements so that the organic efforts that you are putting increase manifold and your account starts getting the exposure over a time.

We have helped thousands of brands, influencers and individuals gain respectable social followings. We can help you too.

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We have served brands, influencers and individuals in over 32 countries by now. Here’s what our customers are saying.