Why stay small? Numbers Do Matter.

Improve Your Social Following

Feeling stuck at certain follower count while your competitors are doing well? Posting in time and good quality posts, yet it's the number that doesn't grow?

On Social, people judge your expertise by the numbers? Yes, your speciality is important, but that comes next.

Let's skip to the good part, we can help.

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Instagram Packages

Starter Plan

₹̶̶̶2916 | ₹1399 Only
  • Followers 3000

    Genuine, prompt, and secure.

  • Likes 3000

    On your 5 most recent posts.

  • Views 3000

    On your 5 most recent reels.

  • Comments 300

    On your 5 most recent posts.

Everything will be delivered in parts over 3 days starting from today only.

Gold Plan

₹̶̶̶17496 | ₹7999 Only
  • Followers 18000

    Genuine, prompt, and secure.

  • Likes 18000

    On your 7 most recent posts.

  • Views 18000

    On your 7 most recent reels.

  • Comments 1800

    On your 7 most recent posts.

Everything will be delivered in parts over 7 days starting from today only.

Diamond Plan

₹̶̶̶32076 | ₹̶14999 Only
  • Followers 33000

    Genuine, prompt, and secure.

  • Likes 33000

    On your 10 most recent posts.

  • Views 33000

    On your 10 most recent reels.

  • Comments 3300

    On your 10 most recent posts.

Everything will be delivered in parts over 15 days starting from today only.


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Customers Speak...

We have served brands, influencers and individuals in over 32 countries by now. Here’s what our customers are saying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that you might have in mind. We have you covered.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive confirmation from our team that your order is received and the fulfilment will start shortly. 

No, we do it in batches to ensure that your network’s algorithm learn better. The frequency and numbers in every batch is dependent on your order size. We analyse your account for its current follower count and engagement rates, and then pick best possible frequency for you.

It’s 100% Safe because we do not use any bot or bad practice. We have done it for thousands of accounts across different social media platforms and not a single problem has been faced. 

Be sure, we take extreme care, and use only human intervention with 100% manually created accounts to get you followers and likes.

Yes, we assure you of 100% safety that you account will not be impacted badly even to a little extent.

How to place your order ?

We have designed simple and secured “Three Steps” checkout system which only takes a few seconds to place the order.

1. Choose Package

FollowerGuru offers different types of Followers, Likes and Views packages to boost your Social Profiles. Select your desired package.

2. Enter Details

Fill in the details about your profile with your contact details so that we send you confirmation and updates on the progress of your assigned boosts.

3. Make The Payment

See the magic! Once your payment is confirmed, our team will get back to you with the confirmation and will also give you timeline on the delivery.

Social Media Marketing Done Right!

We do social media marketing, and nothing else. And, we have been doing it the right way for years. 

So, what’s the right way of doing social media marketing for influencers, brands, and personal brands?

A strategy that uses authentic tactics to grow your followers on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and all other currently active social networking websites. The strategy that does not depend entirely on one way of marketing. For instance, doing the posts tirelessly and waiting for the engagement to build? Or, spending thousands on ads to improve your social fan base? 

The irony is that none of these is the proven method of improving followers. Any marketing strategy makes sense when it’s working as it should. In the context of social media marketing, you would often hear your marketing agency say that wait… wait… you need to give it time… you need to be consistent… and in the long term you would start getting the numbers you want. 

Really? How long will that long term strategy be? You won’t get a definite answer. What about the short term?

Here at Follower Guru, we work with a mix of several strategic tactics to build your fan followings fast and in an authentic manner. You get to see the results yourself. And, the best part is, there’s no hefty monthly management fees from us. You can start small, and you when you have confidence by looking at your numbers, you can accelerate. 

Have more questions? We will be happy to answer, contact us today.

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