What Happens After I Apply For A Verified Badge On Instagram?

Just applied for a Verified Badge on Instagram and don’t know what to do next? Well, that’s not so complicated to deal with. In this article you are going to find every minute detail about Verification on Instagram. From how to apply for Verified Badge to what happens next. 

Everybody wants to get verified on Instagram as it gives them a unique power and authority over any other fake account. If you are searching for Vicky Kaushal’s real account on Insta, you might get confused as there are a lot of fan accounts with the same name. But Vicky Kaushal’s actual profile is distincted by the blue tick an individual gets after getting a verified badge on Instagram. This blue tick helps everyone to find the real and verified profiles on Instagram. Though only a small part of Instagram users have this verified badge, everyone is looking forward to getting verified on Instagram. Even celebrities like Katrina Kaif don’t have the blue tick on her Instagram profile which makes one thing clear that getting verified badge on Instagram is not that simple. But efforts are priceless, so we can at least give one try to this as well. But the question is how to get verified on Instagram? How to get started with the process? 

How to get a Verified Badge on Instagram?Instagram Verified Badge

Well, this is one of the most asked questions when it comes to the reviews of Instagram users. That blue tick which appears only on a few selected Instagram profiles attracts everyone and this is why everyone wants it at any cost to attract others. How to get this verified badge on Instagram? 

The most important thing you should know before moving on to the process of getting verified badge, is that not an ordinary person can ever request for a Verified Badge on Instagram. But does that mean having the status of celebrity or millions of followers can get you verified on Instagram? No. Absolutely not. Although you are a verified public figure on Social media platforms like Facebook and Tiktok, you might not be verified on Instagram. 

Well there are three ways of getting verified on Instagram as my friend told me once. The first option is get popular and become a strong personality with countless followers which obviously will not necessarily get you the verified badge on Instagram but surely help you come in the eyes of Instagram officials. Obviously, if getting that much popularity would be so easy, I could get this badge in days. But I couldn’t. So obviously this isn’t very helpful. Then, what is the primary option anyone could choose? Let’s find out. 

Did you take a close look at the title of this article? It says what happens after I apply for a verified badge on Instagram. So clearly, as my friend suggested to me, the second option is that you have to apply for a verified badge on Instagram. Get a digital agency or publicist to do this job for you. If you are in touch with a digital agency or publicist, you can have them submit a request for you. If you are not, then find one. You can try working with them or take help from an acquaintance. These online agencies and publicists usually have access to a digital portal that we ordinary people don’t. 

In the language of Instagram it is called “Media partner support”. Media partners can submit a request for a verified badge on the behalf of a public figure and hear back in two days after submitting. They would ask you for a copy of your driver license, Facebook and Instagram handle. Everything is sorted then. 

Still a question left unanswered. What to do after you apply for a verified badge on Instagram? Are you done? Are you going to get verified on Instagram for sure? Or if not then what else is needed? What is going to happen next? These questions would have occupied your mind but don’t worry because we have every answer to your questions. 

What happens after I apply for a Verified Badge on Instagram?

If you are really willing to get verified on Instagram, you have to be patient. Having patience is the crucial condition for getting verified though it’s not included in Instagram laws but you will understand why. 

Once you apply for a verified badge on Instagram through a publicist or digital agency, Instagram takes it for review. It keeps your profile under review until they finally decide to send you an update. Once they get your request reviewed, you will receive a notification in the activity section upto 30 days after applying. You can tap the heart shaped icon on the bottom right to see the notifications in Activity. 

Now remember that if you get your request for Verified Badge accepted by Instagram, it’s a win-win. But if you find your request denied by Instagram, you still have a chance to get verified on Instagram. You can submit a request again after one month. Note that submitting a request for Verified Badge multiple times before receiving a decision from Instagram can get your application cancelled. This is why you need to have patience when it comes to the process of getting verified. 

Things you must keep in mind regarding Verified Badge

You should keep in mind that if Instagram has the power to give you that Verified badge or the mark of authentication, it also has the power to remove your badge or disable your account at any time. There are some conditions that lead to this mishappening which you are recommended never to practice as Instagram can take away your badge. A few crucial things that you should never do to keep your badge safely to yourself, are stated below, please have a close look at them.

  • Advertise, transfer or sell your verified badge.
  • Using your profile name with the verified tag, bio or  name section to promote or advertise any kind of services that violate the terms and conditions or Community Guidelines of Instagram.
  • Instagram can also disable your account or cancel your application for Verified Badge if it catches you attempting to get a verified badge through a third party. 
  • Frequently switching from public to private account too many times can also lead to the suspension of your Instagram profile. 
  • If you use any kind of false or misleading information or documents during the process of verification, Instagram can suspend your verification badge immediately and also eliminate you from Instagram.

Interestingly, Instagram help page has recommended to people without Verified Badges to let others know that they are authentic. For example, you can add the links to your Instagram account from your official website, Facebook verified page, Twitter or YouTube account.

Instagram VerifiedOther Ways of Getting Verified on Instagram

We have taken a look at two ways of getting verified on Instagram before, now it’s the turn of the third way which is the little expensive and easy way to get yourself verified on Instagram. When you pay someone to get yourself verified through a loophole, it can be a little risky but many people choose this option after losing every other one. You can find someone who has a setting with some digital agent and gives you the verification badge in exchange for a particular amount of money. 

Benefits of Getting Verified on Instagram

Nothing comes for free and nothing is useless. If you’re paying a price to get something, it has to benefit you in one way or another. The same thing goes with the verified badge on Instagram. Have you ever thought about why people are so enthusiastic to get themselves verified on Instagram. Of course it has a lot of benefits to the target user. We have listed a few advantages of getting a Verified Badge on Instagram below:

  • First Access to features: One of the main benefits of getting verified on Instagram is the “Swipe Up” feature which allows Instagram users to link websites from your Instagram Stories. Verified accounts get access to every feature before the ordinary public. Verified profiles can perfect these features before anyone else and use these features first to create A+ content. 
  • No Fake profiles: Well, for an ordinary Instagram user, this benefit might not be very useful but for an influencer or a popular strong personality who has a lot of followers, it is really helpful to limit fake profiles. As being an influencer, people have to face the problem of too many existing fake profiles with their name. Every next day, their profiles get hacked and someone else fools his/her fans by making wrong comments or doing inappropriate activities. Here comes the verified badge that distinguishes the real influencer profile from other fake profiles with the same name. The blue tick you see next to an Instagram profile is the mark of Verification which can be seen by anyone easily.