Top 10 Instagram celebrities and How Much They Get Paid

Do you know that your favourite Instagram celebrities on Instagram earn in thousands and millions of dollars by a single post? It may come as a shock to you but for your kind information, Instagram is no more just a camera app that was launched in 2010. Now it has become such a huge social media platform with 1 billion monthly active users out of 500 million who use it every day. It is not just a platform for the entertainment of people but also has become a marketplace. Everyone is opting for earning through the platform by watching or creating content. This is a perfect platform for those who are looking for ways to make money.

Before we tell you the ways to make money or some unknown facts about Instagram marketing, let’s take a look at the top 10 Instagram celebrities and their income.Instagram Pay

Top 10 Instagram celebrities & their income

1. Liz Eswein (@newyorkcity)Liz Eswein

The 25 years old Liz Eswein has been active on Instagram since 2010 when it was launched. An ordinary user posting pictures of her residential city in New York has become the top Instagram celebrities in the world. She created her account as a hobby but it turned out into a social media career. The Instagram celebrity has over 1.2 million followers and has been called “den mother of Instagram”. Let’s not go so far, it was only last year when she charged $1 per like on her sponsored post and get paid $15000 per shot. It was reported that some of her posts attracted 23000 likes.Β 

Jason Stein2. Jason Stein (@jasonwstein)

You can find Jason under the handle @jasonwstein on Instagram. Jason was an early user of Instagram celebrities and he figured it out soon that it was going to be a valuable marketing tool for businesses. So, launched his laundry service, a social media tool or company which helps to match businesses with the right influencers with the target audience. In 2014, he became on the Forbes 30 under 30, a list of industry game changers. At that time Jason had 30 employees working for laundry service in Los Angeles and New York along with a team of 1000 Instagrammars who worked with grand brands like Amazon, Oprah Winfrey network, etc.

3. Brian DiFeo (@bridif)Brian DiFeo

Brian also joined Instagram in 2010 soon after it launched at the age of 33 with no professional photography skills or experience. But as soon as he gained popularity the game changed. He first used his popularity in March 2011. Brian asked for free tickets to the New York music festival in exchange for free posting of the event’s pictures on his feed. This incident led to a gig with Puma in Abu Dhabi and then the work kept coming and Brian began getting paid for his individual posts. Brian and Anthony were also the co-founders of Mobile Media Lab which they launched with Eswein.

4. Anthony Danielle (@takinyerphoto)Anthony

The co-founder of the mobile media lab, Anthony Daniel, as I mentioned above joined Instagram only two weeks after it launched. He began posting random photos of normal people regardless of their clothing with no intention of becoming an influencer. Later, he developed his interest in fashion, and then fashion brands started reaching out to him. Top 4th Instagram celebrity still runs the Mobile Media Lab with Brian. Last year he said that the company was getting 10 requests per month. Two or three of them were for his personal account.Β 

5. Aimee Song (@songofstyle)Song Of Style

Aimee Song is the proprietor of the fashion and interior design blog Song of Style. The Instagram celebrity has 950 k followers on her Instagram and her blog is viewed by 75000 viewers. You can get an idea of her popularity and influence with the fact that the outfit she wears in her post sells out within hours. Such huge popularity clearly dictates a great demand of money per post. Her huge social media influence suggests that it is not a big deal for her to charge $50000 for a single brand collaboration making her one of the top richest Instagram celebrities in the world.Β 

6. Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat)π’Ÿπ’Άπ“ƒπ’Ύπ‘’π“π“π‘’ π΅π‘’π“‡π“ƒπ“ˆπ“‰π‘’π’Ύπ“ƒ

Another Danielle is here on the list securing the position of 6th top Instagram celebrity. Danielle, 22 also runs her fashion blog named We Wore What. With 1 million followers on her account, the celebrity has become one of the most recognizable and successful figures in the fashion industry on social media. Companies offer her non-negotiable deals to promote their brand. In case of negotiations, most of her work is negotiated by an agent. Danielle has worked with major brands such as Lancome and Virgin Hotels. It has been estimated by different sources that Danielle earns between $5000 and $15000 for a post promoting a brand. The exact charge depends on the time length she spends on advertising.

7. Nash Grier (@nashgrier)Nash Grier

The 16-year-old Vine superstar is much more popular than you can imagine. He has 8.4 million followers on Instagram and has worked with many major brands including Virgin Mobile. It is estimated that he is getting paid $25,000 to $100,000. His popularity and fame is obviously not limited to social media platforms only. He has a celebrity-like status in real life as well as per Huffington Post. The celebrity who gets fame from social media is getting paid enormously.

8. Andreas Wijk (@andreaswijk)ANDREAS WIJK

Andreas Wijk is a professional Swedish model and singer other than a social media influencer. Currently, he has 150 k followers on his Instagram profile which apparently makes him a recognizable instagrammar. It doesn’t just increase his model career influence but also increases his income potential drastically. Any other Instagrammer with a count of followers in the range of 100k – 200 k can find himself in the same category as Wijk.

9. Jen Selter (@jenselter)Jen Selter

Jen Selter joined Instagram two years after it launched in 2010. Initially, the celebrity figure started posting pictures from her Gym doing workouts. These posts attracted people’s attention to her profile and got her fame. Jen is widely known for her physical posture and potential. It is known that she can get over 80000 likes on her single workout post or a post from the gym. And now she is also attracting huge earnings through product endorsements from companies such as Lululemon, Nike, and New Balance.

10. Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty)HUDA BEAUTY

Have you ever heard of the brand Huda beauty? If not, go search for it now and you will know its popularity. Dubai-based Huda kattan is originally from the US and runs her own website under the name Hudabeauty. Through this, she is targeting building a Beauty empire. Hudabeauty is one of the top 20 beauty websites according to Alexa Ranking. She has also built a huge social media presence with the same name to accompany her website. Currently, The beauty influencer has 7.7 million followers with an average of 23000 followers increasing every day according to social media Statics analysis.Β 

Wanna Get Paid for watching viral videos?Β 

Do you also utilize your free time by watching viral videos on YouTube and gaining some new entertainment information? You can earn dollars per month just by doing the same on Instagram. Before we move forward, let us tell you that it just doesn’t entertain you but also takes you to the things happening in the moment. You can get paid dollars for only scrolling through Instagram while sitting on your sofa or munching.Β 

There are some companies that can help you earn by watching viral videos. This is a perfect and real way to earn cash by utilizing your free time along with entertaining yourself. All you have to do is go to the website of this kind of company and sign up to become a member and now you are all set to get paid.

How to earn money with Instagram

Watching viral videos is not the only way to make money with Instagram. There are several ways to make money with Instagram as now it has become a popular marketing platform. Businesses on Instagram pay someone like you to advertise their products and encourage their followers to promote the brand. Yes, you are right! I am talking about influencer marketing.Β 

This is another way to make more money with Instagram as influencers encourage their followers to promote your brand and product. Once your followers start growing you need to keep them engaged with original content. Don’t forget to keep up with consistency, your followers will get more engaged with your content if you post regularly, with relevant hashtags, collaborations, and creating your own style.

If you are not running a business, you can make money by increasing your followers. A good amount of followers can help you earn by partnering with businesses. But it is not enough for businesses to pay you, you must get engaging followers who engage, buy and promote the content. Engagement matters more than the followers’ count when it comes to making money.Β 

Other than this, you can also make money by selling sponsored posts, becoming an affiliate or selling licenses’ for your own posts or videos. There are countless ways to make money with Instagram. All you need to do is explore and get involved in this.