How to Withdraw money from Instagram ?

Instagram is no more an ordinary social media app launched in 2010 where you could just find anyone and chat. It has now become the hub of trade and business activities. People are leaving many other trading platforms and coming to Instagram to build their brand as for now Instagram is one of the most popular and used social media platforms in the whole world. You can get a little idea of its success by the fact that most of the people who have used both Instagram and Facebook prefer IG over FB. 

Nowadays, people are getting all of their work done on IG from things like entertainment and chatting to the commercial activities like brand building and trade. On Instagram, people are more likely to get their target audience and that’s why a large amount of people are moving to Instagram now. It’s a blend of multiple features for which individual apps are also built. Here people find all required features like entertainment, trading, brokerage, meetings, chat, call, etc. at one place. But as we begin to use a platform, some things start to confuse us. For example, there are several rumours about verification badges on Instagram, including the one that says a large number of followers will get you verified on IG. 

There is no end to this conversation of the truth and dare. So let’s come to the point. In this article we are going to provide you with a brief summary of how to withdraw your money from your IG account. 

How to Withdraw money from IG?

As Instagram developed, it introduced some new features such as reels, sponsorship, etc. Basically, now you can just not get entertained by the platform but can also make a good amount of money from it. There’s is term influencer marketing which means that people who have over thousands of followers, they are known as influencers and they can earn money by sponsorship and paid partnerships. They can collaborate with different major brands. While some people turn IG into a broker site. 

Yes, now millions of businesses are executed on this only platform. People exchange products and money here. So there is a feature called ‘Live accounts’ on your IG where your funds get collected as per your desire as well as permission. Now people get so overwhelmed to activate their IG accounts that they don’t show much interest in getting complete information about the withdrawal process. Sometimes it creates misunderstanding and leads to hacking and misuse of their money. 

So if you’re worried about how to Withdraw money from IG funds, just relax. We have solutions to all of your problems. 

To withdraw your funds, follow the below mentioned steps one by one:

  • Go to Instagram and login your IG account on your device.
  • Now go to the ‘Live accounts’ tab and select the option “withdraw funds”. 
  • Then you will be able to withdraw your funds to your bank account or back to your card as a refund.
  • Instagram sometimes may need to verify your bank transfer details or card details. (Not compulsory)

Things to remember regarding the transfer of funds and their timings:

  • First thing that you must remember is that if you withdraw your funds back to a card, it may take two to five bank working days to complete the process.
  • If you withdraw your money as a bank transfer, it can take between one and two bank working days to clear. 

Things to keep in mind while you Withdraw

  1. Minimum Limit: There is always a limit to which you can withdraw funds from your IG account. These limits may vary with the mediums of transfer. The minimum amount you can withdraw to your card is $150 unless you have less than $150 available on your account. And if you have less than the required amount, you can withdraw upto the amount available.
  2. Maximum Limit: Maximum amount that you can withdraw to your card is upto $25,000 per day while through bank transfer there is no limit.

Note: Withdrawal at IG is for free and there is no charge for you.