How to Make Money on Instagram with 500 followers?

Along with time, Instagram turned from a social media platform to a money making platform. Everyone is looking forward to make money through Instagram in every possible way. Are you also willing to earn money from Instagram where you invest hours of a day for nothing? There’s a chance that your invested hours could turn into a large sum of money for you. So now is the time you stop wondering about it and get started with it. 

In this article, we are going to tell you the methods through which you can make a huge sum of money with just 500 followers on Instagram. Here’s your chance to grow and meet the needs of earning. It might sound so overdramatic and fictional to you but it is true. It’s as easy as snapping fingers to earn money with just 500 followers on Instagram. 

In order to make money with just 500 Instagram followers, you have to work hard and smart. It takes courage to set an aim of earning and gaining new followers. Now the question is what to do to achieve our aim. Just follow the below mentioned methods and become rich through Instagram only. 

Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram with 500 followers

Everyone has this dream of making billions of dollars overnight but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be consistent if you want to grow an organic audience. In order to make money through 500 Instagram followers, you have to be patient and careful while you post anything. 

We have compiled a list of a few effective methods to bring out the results quickly. These ways will help you understand the nature of Instagram Marketing. 

1. Go Vocal for local

This is now just a tagline anymore but a crucial mantra for everyone who wants to grow a sufficient amount of organic audience for their fresh opened business on Instagram. If you are really looking for a great engagement rate, there’s no better place than home. Try to collaborate with stores or businesses in your surroundings who are ready to collaborate with you. You will get a good idea of a potential market in your locality and experience in collaboration. 

This will benefit you in many ways such as Promotion of your new business in your own area. You will grow popular in your city and your Instagram business will also get attraction while making money from the customers. Popularity is directly proportional to engagement rate, so if you become popular, 

2. Brand Ambassador

If you have an experience of collaborating with local businesses or any other kind of stores, then you can definitely be a brand Ambassador. Even if you have only 500 followers on Instagram, you can definitely reach out to brands and ask them to pay you for their branding on your IG account. All you need is a good engagement rate, as long as you have it, you don’t need a large number of followers. 

Try to reach out to every brand that could possibly be interested in you. Choose the brand according to your target audience. Your target audience must have a keen interest in the product so that they can engage and buy the product.

3. Sponsored Posts

The most popular and prominent way of making money on Instagram with a small amount of followers is Sponsored posts. Your follower count doesn’t matter much because the special requirement is having a good engagement rate. If you have one, people will interact, like and comment on your posts. 

You can earn dollars from a single sponsored post. Charge as much as you want depending on your follower count and engagement rate. If they observe a positive change in their reach, they will more likely be willing to do it again. Sponsored posts can be your permanent way to earn a sum of money. 

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you come from a technical or commercial background, you must know about affiliate marketing. There are a number of websites like Shareasale, Clickbank, Awin and Impact who pay you just for putting their links in your bio or post captions. Also, you can get commision on every product purchased through the link you put. 

If you have a constant growing following, it might be a good opportunity for you to earn money through affiliate links. All you have to do is reach out to the probable businesses or websites.

5. Provide goods or services

It’s not necessary to collaborate or sponsor in order to make money through Instagram. You can simply open your own merchandise store on Instagram providing them with goods. If you have no idea of what product you can sell on your IG store to boost your audience engagement rate, you can also provide services in exchange for money. 

For instance, you love painting and making bookmarks, you can directly sell them on your Instagram store. While on the other hand, you could provide them online services like content writing.

6. Write Captions for Instagram profiles

You have such great and attention grabbing writing skills but not much audience to make money through it? Then maybe you need to try this. You can upgrade your account balance by charging other Instagram profiles for writing their beautiful and attractive Captions. 

People are sometimes more interested in reading captions than watching posts. And if you have that nose for content, you should definitely be one to please users with your creative writing. It might sound harsh but writing captions for other people’s profiles can get you more money than writing for yourself with 500 followers. 

If you are writing about a product, make sure you don’t exaggerate. Stay to the point and be a little honest.