How to Make Money from Instagram in India?

Instagram is no more than a chatting or social media app introduced in 2010. Now, it has become the shining hub of multiple activities including, business, advertising, money exchange, shopping, etc. A lot of businesses such as influencer marketing only depend on Instagram for their survival. 

Talking about India, Instagram has most users based in India as India is a large populated nation which makes it the most prominent market for something. Instagram has over 180 million users in India while this number is constantly increasing. 

Just like any other country, people in India also look for a way to earn without working much. 

This craze of earning and becoming an influencer got extreme in July 2020, when Instagram introduced the feature of reels following the Tiktok ban in India. Since then, Instagram has also been displaying advertisements of 30 or more second in the form of a reel. 

You should know that Instagram has put all of its efforts to compete with YouTube and other platforms in India especially after YouTube’s launch of $100 million shorts fund. Instagram has sensed the heat and now along with Facebook planning to pay $1 billion in Creator incentives. After Instagram became a rising star, Facebook has been trying everything to lure creators from other platforms.  

Similar to this rivalry between these social media platforms, Black Gaming Creator Program launched last year is also said to pay a total of $10 million over next two years to lure the best gamers from Twitch, which is already a large gaming platform. Money from INsta

How much money can you make from Instagram?

It’s no trick question but there is no absolute answer to this question either. But it’s a positive thing because there is an endless scope of earning from Instagram.

One can make money on Instagram through Instagram in several ways such as IGTV ads, affiliate marketing, Badges, Shopping, and Branded content. But when it comes to creators, there’s a lot more ways to make money including Sponsored content, licensing the content, fan membership, becoming a consultant, etc. 

It’s a little difficult to determine how much a creator earns. There is no fixed amount of revenue someone can make on Instagram. The revenue ranges from thousands to crores from micro influencers to the biggest influencers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, etc. You might not believe it but creators like Cristiano, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson make over 4-5 crores per post. Their popularity actually pays off. 

You don’t necessarily need to have Billions of followers to make money on Instagram as macro influencers who have 3-10 k followers also earn around 5000 rupees per post. While influencers with 50000-80000 followers generally charge around 49,725 rupees per post. 

Now it’s time to show the ways you can make all this money from Instagram in India. 

7 Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you come from a technical or commercial background, you must know about affiliate marketing. There are a number of websites like Shareasale, Clickbank, Awin and Impact who pay you just for putting their links in your bio or post captions. Also, you can get commision on every product purchased through the link you put. 

If you have a constant growing following, it might be a good opportunity for you to earn money through affiliate links. All you have to do is reach out to the probable businesses or websites.

2. Sponsored posts

The most popular and prominent way of making money on Instagram with a small amount of followers is Sponsored posts. Your follower count doesn’t matter much because the special requirement is having a good engagement rate. If you have one, people will interact, like and comment on your posts. 

You can earn dollars from a single sponsored post. Charge as much as you want depending on your follower count and engagement rate. If they observe a positive change in their reach, they will more likely be willing to do it again. Sponsored posts can be your permanent way to earn a sum of money.

3. IGTV Ads

IGTV has become one of the most used and prominent features in Instagram. Creators can make tons of money by monetizing their content on Instagram by running IGTv ads in their videos. When you turn on monetize your content, you allow brands to reach out to you and Collab for the promotion of their products or brand within the content you post. How much you make depends on the views of your video. The creators gets 55% of the income generated with the help of ad you streamed in your video. The payment is done monthly.

4. Licence your Content

If you are an incredible content creator with smashing ideas and you consistently post it on Instagram, it’s time for you to licence your photographs and videos. Licence means that you put a stamp of your name on that Content and now if any brand wants to use that photo or video, they would have to pay you off to use them. But Instagram’s terms and guidelines are quite complicated as they claim that they have a non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, royalty free, world wide licence to use user’s content which means that Instagram has all rights of an owner of the content.

5. Fan membership

Patreon is a membership platform which helps the creators to make money monthly by providing some rewards to their followers. You can simply promote the Patreon by putting its link in your Instagram bio which grabs anyone’s attention first. You can also put the link in your posts or captions or stories that you publish on your Instagram handle. Another significant method to promote your Patreon account is conduct a giveaway Content and offer Patreon membership in several ways.

6. Set up your own store

It’s not necessary to collaborate or sponsor in order to make money through Instagram. You can simply open your own merchandise store on Instagram providing them with goods. If you have no idea of what product you can sell on your IG store to boost your audience engagement rate, you can also provide services in exchange for money. 

For instance, you love painting and making bookmarks, you can directly sell them on your Instagram store. While on the other hand, you could provide them online services like content writing.

7. Badges

One of the most interesting and kind of latest methods to make money on Instagram is selling badges through live videos. You can share your live video through Instagram live feature and showcase your products, services, talents and so on. While you entertain viewers, they can buy badges which cost $0.99, $$1.99 and $4.99. 

Through Live videos, you can make people interact with you, promote your business, products, upcoming content, next live video sessions, etc. in order to boost your engagement.