How to get verified on Instagram

In the middle of this social media period, everyone is getting attracted to Instagram. Just like apps like Facebook and Tiktok. Instagram has become a social media marketing app which entertains, spreads awareness and most importantly provides a stage of marketing. It is no longer an ordinary communication app which was founded in 2010. It has now become a hub of businesses and startups. With over 3 billions users, Instagram is now promoting businesses and providing small startups with an opportunity to reach billions of the right audience. 

The more popular a celebrity or business account is the more the followers. But is getting popular enough to make people believe you? Absolutely not. 

Then how to win people’s trust on this virtual social media marketing app? Or how to detect if a profile is real on Instagram? Have you ever seen the blue tick next to the profile of The Virat Kohli, top Indian celebrity with the most followers? Yes, this is the proof that someone is verified by Instagram. If you have that blue tick next to your profile, no matter what you are verified. This is the only specific thing that needs no explanation to prove that you are verified. Everyone is enthusiastic to get that blue tick. They all want to get verified which somehow makes them a strong Instagram personality with a proper verification mark. But getting this verification blue tick is not everyone’s cup of tea. It separates verified people from others which somewhere means that they are better. You can also consider it a way of distinguishing between the better ones. 

Do More Followers Get You a Blue Tick?

I have heard it a lot of times that if you increase your followers you will get a blue tick. Of course when you crave for something like this you believe every kind of nonsense. So did I. I tried everything to increase my followers and the number finally reached millions. But I got nowhere around that blue tick. So I read some other articles which recommended using popular hashtags, interaction with the users, promoting my Instagram profile through other influencer channels, etc. in order to get an increased number of followers. I did everything. I began posting interesting stuff on my Instagram regularly with consistency. It was nothing but a bunch of nonsense.

Followers count has nothing to do with getting verified and having that blue tick next to your name. There are several profiles on Instagram with millions of followers which don’t have any blue tick. Yes, there is no blue tick. While some profiles with only thousands of followers have a blue tick next to their name. What an irony. Well, it’s not an irony. Instagram never claimed that a high count of followers will get the blue tick. Then how to get verified? Let’s find out. 

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Obviously follower count doesn’t get you the verified badge on Instagram. Although you are a verified public figure on Facebook, you might not be verified on Instagram. Only a few big public figures and celebrities have the verified badges. Some rumors say that it is not currently possible for people to request or purchase a blue tick, the verification mark. But it’s completely false. You can request for a verified badge or just simply pay for it. But the purchase option is black market offer. So what are the ways to get a verified badge?

I talked to one of my friends with a verified badge who recommended three options to me.  The first option is getting popular and a good count of followers, second is to get in touch with some digital agency and have them submit a request for a verified batch on your behalf. Third and last option is to pay a third party to get you verified on Instagram. 

If becoming popular would be so easy, you wouldn’t be here reading this article. So most non famous verified profiles get their verified badges through a digital agency or publicist. If you are in touch with a digital agency or publicist, you can have them submit a request for you. If you are not, then find one. You can try working with them or take help from an acquaintance. These online agencies and publicists usually have access to a digital portal that we ordinary people don’t. 

In the language of Instagram it is called “Media partner support”. Media partners can submit a request for a verified badge on the behalf of a public figure and hear back in two days after submitting. They would ask you for a copy of your driver license, Facebook and Instagram handle. Everything is sorted then. I also reached out to a digital agency which requested on my behalf and it got me my verified badge finally.

It may all sound very easy but it is not that simple. One of my acquaintances who has a verified badge told me that she got her verified badge 2 years after submitting the request. She applied again and again and got emails saying that Instagram was not able to verify them. They couldn’t discuss the standards they used in evaluating the accounts for verification because it was all confidential. 

Instagram VerifiedPurchasing The Verified Badge

Well, it is believable that someone will get verified on the request submitted by a digital agency or a publicist. But is that as direct as it looks? Profiles we considered as an example in this article were all great public figures. But would a digital agency submit a request for a non-public figure that easily? They were all very famous with tons of followers. What about us? Ordinary people with a wholehearted desire of getting a blue tick. 

The only option we are left with is paying a third party to get you the verification badge. You can find someone on Twitter or Facebook who is ready to do it for you. He will charge you a big enough amount for this obviously. Just to give you a hint, one of my connections on Twitter asked me for $500. $250 before getting verified and $250 afterwards. This seems a good option to simply get a verified badge on Instagram although you have to exchange a great deal of money. But it is apparently a lot easier than creating content, using abnormal hashtags, earning a ton of followers and becoming famous. Nobody has time for that. All we want is a blue tick.