How to Get Verified on Instagram: The 10 Essential Steps

Are you looking to get verified on Instagram and have that prestigious blue tick next to your profile name? Verification is a great way to increase your credibility and gain more followers. It’s the ultimate sign of success and can help you reach a whole new level of influence. But it’s not always easy to get verified. The blue tick might not look so valuable but it’s value is just immeasurable. Security this blue tick means getting validity for your authenticity. It gives you preference over other no verified profiles and attracts an authentic audience for you. 

Now the matter of fact is the difficulty that an individual faces to get verified. Obviously, it’s not at all an easy task because it gives you recognition. In this article, we have compiled a list of top ten essential steps or tips to help you get verified on Instagram. But before we begin with these steps, let’s take a look at the fundamental meaning of Verification.

What does Instagram verified batch refers to?

Although we keep repeating the term ‘Instagram verified’, it’s necessary to know what it actually refers to. In simple words, Instagram verified batch gives you a label of verification that marks you as an authentic presence across the numerous profiles with the same vibe. It makes people believe your validity as a public figure,. influencer or celebrity on social media. 

Let’s double check what we are saying. Have you seen the blue tick next to the name of the biggest Indian celebrity, Virat Kohli? This blue tick suggests that your profile is verified which can not be found easily in someone else’s profile as not any insignificant profile or individual can get it. 

Also, the Instagram verification batch next to any brand’s profile name ensures credibility. It helps any brand or business to stand out and create their own trusted community. But there are some things you will find common in verified profiles such as the popularity. Why so? In order to get qualified on Instagram, an individual or a brand has to go through a certain process of steps meeting a selection criteria. 

Criteria for Instagram Verification

The most important question that comes to mind when we think of Instagram verification is how to begin. Regardless of gender, cast, colour, etc anyone can apply for the verification badge but you need to meet the criteria before. You have gone through some eligibility criteria before getting a scholarship or admission in college. 

Although it’s difficult to state the exact process or steps which you are required to follow for verification, there’s some rough eligibility requirements in the guidelines provided by Instagram that will help you figure out whether you can apply or not.

Most importantly, you need to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in Instagram’s community guidelines and Terms of Use. Apart from that, there are also some basic things you need to consider before requesting for the Instagram verification badge.

  • Public profile: Always remember, no matter how many followers you have, private Instagram profiles are not permitted to get verified on Instagram.
  • Authentic: Your Instagram account and content should be authentic, away from fake entities. Your account should belong to a real person, business or brand. 
  • Realistic profile: When we refer to a real Instagram profile, we usually imagine a complete profile with a well described bio and profile picture. If you are a passionate social media user, you must have already gone through this.
  • Stellar: Your Instagram profile should be publicly recognised and notable enough. Your profile must represent a well-known, and highly searched person or business that has been featured in some of the best authentic publications. 
  • Unique: You must have noticed that Netflix or Virat Kohli both have only one verified account. It’s because Instagram guidelines only allow one profile to get verified representing a particular person or business. It means you should have a unique identity as Instagram does not verify more than one account for the same individual or brand.

When we say the authenticity of a publicly recognised celebrity or influencer, we refer to the authenticity of the individual or business instead of the number of followers they have. You must keep in mind that there’s no particular number of followers required to apply for a verification badge. No matter if you are 10 lakhs or 10000 Instagram followers, you can apply for a verification badge. 

Keep in mind that your facebook verification does not play any role in your Instagram verification process. Most people think that jf their Instagram is linked to their already verified Facebook page, it will automatically get them verified on Instagram. But no, it doesn’t work like that. You will still have to apply for it.

Now the last final answer to a question before we finally give you the tips for getting verified on Instagram.

How to request an Instagram Verification badge?

In order to request an Instagram Verification badge, you are required to follow some basic steps and you will get there. 

  1. First log in to your Instagram account and go to settings tapping on top right of the menu.
  2. Inside settings, tap on “Account” and click on “Request Verification”. 
  3. Now fill the required spaces and go on to hit send to start the review process.

Note: There’s no specific timeline under which you will get notified about your verification status. It may differ from 15 to 30 days from different parties. But you will have to wait for 30 days before attempting to request verification again. 

Top 10 Essential tips to get verified on Instagram

Instagram verification badge brings a feeling of dignity and pride with itself. It can proudly be counted as a part of success and to become successful you can implement the below mentioned tips. These are more likely to increase your chances of getting the blue tick.

1. Keep a complete Instagram profile

One of the most fundamental as well as significant things to do in order to get verified. “First impression is the last impression”- this quote says the truth. Your incomplete profile can leave a bad impression on someone who looked at it first. Make sure you have a complete profile with a relevant and good profile photo. Add an efficient bio which adequately describes you or your business in a few words. If you have a business, you can also write its tagline in the bio to make it look attractive.

2. Strong social media profiles

You must ensure that you build a strong social media profile with lots of authentic and engaging followers. A huge number of credible audiences can make your profile look more refined and trustworthy. 

Try to build a strong social presence on all the major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Having high-level people in your followers can expose you to a better and large audience. You can use your links on Twitter to make announcements which can ultimately lead you to the spotlight. Once you start getting featured in some huge publications, chances of increase in your followers will automatically improve. 

Now that we have come to the followers count, let’s give you some tips on how to gain more followers..

  • Produce your original and engaging content that the audience can rely on for different purposes. Make sure your content theme reflects your personality, so it becomes easier to create a strong community of people with the same interest online.
  • Maintain consistency. Consistency is the key to success. If you want to keep your audience engaged and focused, ensure that you post regularly and frequently. 
  • Just like I already mentioned, World class Quality content. You should produce insightful content for your channels. Analyse and know what your audience wants and go for it.

3. Turn into an impersonated profile

Your unique identity on Social media matters more than anything else. With so many fake fan pages and hackers present on Instagram, many people claim that their identity might be at risk. Here comes a tip for you from Instagram directly, “accounts representing well known fingers and brands are verified because they have a likelihood of being impersonated”. 

The blue badge on Instagram develops a sense of credibility to your audience. It makes your profile stand out and builds trust in people. It makes them believe that they follow some real deal and not just anything with a public figure tag. 

4. Be consistent and active

It might come as a shock to you but Instagram will never verify you if it finds you irregular, inconsistent or inactive on Instagram. So, it makes it highly significant for you to be active on the platform. Post frequently, put stories and stay indulged in different activities. So, if you are really Willing to get verified, start being consistent and active. 

It applies in both ways. There is no point of getting verified if you are not active on Instagram. You can use these tips to improve your chances:

  • Post good quality photos in a sufficient amount. Instagram is a hub of aesthetics and pictures and sway with the flow. 
  • Take help of your insights. Insights give you people’s activity on your posts. Use this feature to figure out what your audience wants. You can also use some other online tools to find out more about the nature of your followers.

5. Boost your discoverability

The most important requirement for getting verified on Instagram is earning a widely-recognized image. You will only get what you are worth. So, check out your business or brand name on Google and see what comes. Nothing showed up? Then how can you expect Instagram to give you the seal of approval when you are not enough recognised to be discovered. 

Fix it. Create an exceptional and widely recognisable image on search engines like Google, Opera, etc. The first thing Instagram does is go to google and search for your business. They pass the judgement half based on what they get in response. 

6. Don’t attempt buying Verification badge

Buying a verification badge might not be as costly for you as failing this attempt. Though many online websites suggest that if your request for verification is not accepted, you can attempt to buy it. But no. If Instagram catches you practising this, it will penalise you for violating the Instagram community guidelines. Your account can be permanently banned or removed from Instagram such such irresponsible demeanour. 

Be realistic and get a real deal of authentic followers by producing attention grabbing, engaging and useful content that appeals to your audience. Although, it’s not proven that follower count and verification badge is directly proportional, there’s no loss in trying.

7. Be more easily discoverable

You have to be widely known as well as highly searched for in order to qualify for a verification badge. It is one of the key requirements. To achieve this goal, you must build good public relations. Try to reach out to some great PR agencies which can help get your name in front.

There are several announcements you might like to make with regard to your company or business. Make these announcements vastly popular so that people are aware about it. Instagram conducts its own research and when it catches your name exposed in the news can improve your chances further to get verified. You can also use Search Engine optimization and relevant Hashtags to make your posts more easily discoverable.

8. Don’t put other platforms’ links in bio

Instagram does not admire the practice of promoting another social media platform through your Instagram page. It doesn’t appreciate cross- platform Linking. You might have millions of followers on YouTube or Facebook but when it comes to reaching out to a larger audience, don’t use Instagram for this. 

Don’t put links to other platforms in your bio. You are free to put direct links to websites, blog pages or web pages but avoid other platforms’ links. It might lead to deduction in chances of getting verified.

9. Personalise your posts

It is really important for you to develop a theme or style for your account which is unique and authentic. It is a crucial fit getting verified on Instagram. This is why we recommend you to personalise your post to make it stand out. Select some specific theme, designs, voice, visual style, Hashtags strategy and feed aesthetic to create a unique profile.

Give such personalised content to your audience that no one else can provide. Try to research for content not available easily. For example, if you run a business, provide some behind the scenes content to give them an insight to your brand.

10. Maintain good public relations

In the modern world of social media image, it has become extremely important to maintain good public relations with news agencies and media channels. You might not be able to handle it all so well at once. So, look for a professional PR agency which can do this for you. That hired digital agency will have access to your social media handles and will be able to customise things accordingly.

It will also be able to apply for a verification badge for the username and profile on your behalf through the industry only portal they’re able to access.

Also remember, be as legit as you can. Legitimacy is the ladder to your roof top for success. Try not to get into trouble, otherwise you could lose your hope of getting verified permanently.