How To Attract Instagram Audience in 2022?

Want to grow your business online? Looking for a way to attract Instagram audience and increase the number of followers? If yes, you have come to the perfect place. In this article we are going to tell you what to do to increase the number of followers and what to avoid to keep them interactive.Instagram-followers-grow-audience

How to attract an Instagram audience in 2022?

But now the major question is if you cannot buy the followers, how can you attract the audience, especially in 2022. Don’t worry because we are here with some organic and effective ways to attract the Instagram audience to your business.

1. Optimize your profile to take it to the top of the search results

It is not necessary that your audience automatically finds your account or gets recommended by Instagram. This is why Instagram has created a search feature. It helps the audience to search for the same person they are looking for. 

But if you want your account to be in the top results of search then you have to optimize your Instagram profile. You should add the most searched keywords to your profile and make it look attractive. Also try to set the keyword according to your business. For example if you are doing a business related to clothes then your keyword should also be in its reference. Add some story highlights which guess a brief description about your business and attract the audience.

2. Create Original content

Just because you lack the original content, sharing posts from other accounts to yours is not a great idea to keep your customers engaged. People look for the original content. The better original content they get, the more they get attracted.  Also the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri also announced that they would begin ranking content for its originality. 

So if you want to boost the rank of your business on Instagram then begin prioritizing original content. People will also engage better with your content and it would be a great way for you to attract new followers.

3. Post some reels or video type content

If you are starting your business in 2022, Instagram has provided some better options to grow your business online. In December 2021 Instagram announced that it would be shifting towards reels and video type content. The reason behind this was that the people find the short video type content more engaging and interactive as compared to text or audio. 

You must create some reels detailing about your business creatively in a few words or sentences. Use attractive pictures to make it look more professional. Keep posting the short video type content on your Instagram so that your audience stays engaged with your content and do not get bored enough to unfollow you.

4. Allow others to remix your content

One of the best ways to increase your brand awareness and visibility is by letting others remix your content. Even though Instagram hasn’t made it very easy to share other accounts’ content directly in the app. But it allows its users to remix other accounts’ content and post it on their own under their name. Now you might think about what will be its benefit and how it can help you grow your business.

The answer is very simple. When someone remixes your reel and posts it on his own account your Instagram handle automatically gets visible in his reel. It increases your brand awareness. If you have decided to do this, kindly change your settings and allow others to share and remix your original content.

5. Use relevant and most used hashtags

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to a single post. Lately the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced that adding hashtags to your post may not help you with the views but it can help your handle appear in top search results.

So I hope you understand why it is necessary to add maximum possible hashtags to your post. It will help your account and post reach maximum users. So you must add 5 to 6 hashtags to each post. Try to use branded hashtag. 

6. Buy the followers

You might think that by paying money you can increase your Instagram followers. There is no doubt that it will increase your number but also give you a stage to showcase your talent and promote your business.  Just think as a businessman, what do you want? Engaging and loyal customers right? But buying followers can fulfill your needs. The purchased audience will engage with your content and would be interested in buying your services or products. So your engaging rate would more likely be equal to the account size which is a good match.

Why should you buy social media services?

1. Increase the number of followers 

The biggest advantage of buying social media services is increasing the number of followers. When your number of followers increases your account is more likely to come on the top search results. It would promote your business and increase your brand awareness as well.

2. Engagement

As I told you earlier in the article, what a businessman needs is or her customer to engage with them, buy the product and become a loyal customer. But when you purchase followers your engagement with your audience would also increase.