How Much Instagram Paid Me For 10 Million Reels Views

$0 for 10 Million views, seriously? Shocking, right? If you are the part of this new generation, you must know what reels are. You can create, share and discover entertaining short videos via Instagram reels. Just like Tiktok, Instagram reel feature allows you to create or watch 15-30 seconds video while it’s maximum time limit has been extended to 1 minute. Video longer than one minute can not be displayed in reels. 

As time is passing by, people are showing interest in reels more than posts and stories. Reels have also contributed a lot to make a lot of new influencers. It’s easier to get more likes, comments and views on an Instagram reel. So did I. Last month, I posted a few reels and posts on my Instagram account and my insights told me that I finally reached 10 Million view milestone. Though earning through social media was my second priority after starting my page, I was excited to get paid for my this achievement. So here’s how much Instagram paid me for 10 Million views. 

How much Instagram pays for 10 Million views

Unlike Tiktok, Instagram lacks creators fund for reel feature. I was paid $0 by Instagram for 10 Million views on reels while I could have earned enough money on Tiktok for the same views. Instagram doesn’t pay anyone for reels views. No matter how many times you reel gets played, Instagram will pay you nothing.

Yet, reels are a good way to enhance your engagement rate and followers count. They attract new audience as well as keep already existing followers interacted. When you get enough followers and your profile becomes enough popular and legit, you can make money one Instagram through indirect methods such as Sponsored posts, shootouts, affiliate marketing, etc. 

Though the reel feature doesn’t get you any money now, Instagram is planning on bringing out the new feature which might allow you to earn through reels. Alessandro Paluzzi shared a few screenshots of Instagram’s new feature in testing – “Bonuses”. We are not sure how this feature is gonna work or even if will be released. But one thing I know for sure that this feature should’ve been launched at the time when Reels came into existence. 

Comparison between Instagram and YouTube

If I would have earned 10 Million views on YouTube or Tiktok rather than Instagram, I would’ve been playing with dollars right now. Even 1 Million views on YouTube and Tiktok can pay you in thousands of dollars while it’s worth Nothing on Instagram. 

Business Insider claims that you can make money ranging from $3400 to $40000 for just one million views on your single YouTube video. In terms of paying for views YouTube precedes several social media platforms. According to Mike Winters, Influencers on Tiktok earn 2-4 cents per 1000 views by using creator’s funds to live a lavish life. Calculating this rate, I would’ve made around $37000 from YouTube or $3000 from Tiktok. Large amount, right? That’s worth it. 

It’s kind of a little disappointing, isn’t it? To make no money from millions of views on Instagram for which you put lot of efforts and especially when the same can make you a millionaire if done on YouTube or Tiktok. Well, all I can do is wish or pray that the feature allowing people to earn from reels releases soon. Instagram has yet a lot to offer. It can keep the warmth of reels alive for the users by introducing some new features. Progress is what makes you stay confident. 

How to make money through Instagram?

Though Instagram doesn’t pay you for reels views, there’s a lot of ways you can make money on Instagram. Using several indirect methods you can make thousands or lakhs of dollars by just a single post. All you need to know is the information about these methods. What are they and how they work. So let’s begin. 

  1. Sponsored Posts or Collaborate with Brands

Sponsored posts are one of the most popular ways to make money on Instagram. But you must have a significant number of followers and most importantly a good engagement rate. It’s also called Instagram influencer, a term which gets thrown a lot these days. 

An influencer is basically a celebrity with a significant popularity, online reputation and social media presence. 

Anyone can become an influencer by building a great online reputation by doing or sharing some extraordinary content that interests people. This is how influencers attract their audience and for them, they are trendsetters, tastemakers and someone whose opinions affect them and their mindset. Once you become an influencer, people start to follow your advices, recommendations and this is how you make money by persuading them to make purchases or convince them to consider a particular brand. 

  1. Affiliate marketing

Though Sponsored posts are one of the most popular ways to make money on Instagram, it is not the only option. Affiliate marketing is also quite beneficial if you have a large enough audience with a good engagement rate. To become an affiliate, you need to get more into marketing and sales (call for action). In contrast to an influencer, an affiliate is more likely to promote the sales for the partner brand as he gets the commission for every sale.

  1. Inaugurate your own digital store

If you have built a strong social media presence, you can do anything and use your popularity to make money in Several ways. It’s fine if you don’t want to sell someone access to your audience who could turn into their consumers. Above mentioned methods may be one of the best but not the only option for you to earn. You can also turn your followers into your customers by opening your own ecommerce store. 

There are more such methods like Instagram shops, Selling your assets (photography or services), monetizing content by streaming ads throughout your content on Instagram, etc.