Does Reaching 10k Instagram Followers Matter

Reaching 10k Instagram followers can bring a lot of new benefits and opportunities for you. There are some unlocked features that only open for you once you touch the 10k mark. In this article you will get know about all those opportunities in detail as well as some more essential information about social media marketing. So keep track of it.

Does reaching 10k Instagram followers matter?

Instagram has become one of the most engaged platforms for brands and big businesses. It’s the right place to invest your energy, hard work, and money. Instagram is now an alternate of physical hub of marketing and business. Here, every one of your followers matter. 

As per an analysis, Instagram has an average engagement rate of 2.26% per post while the percentage on Facebook is 0.21% and Twitter is 0.06% only. So, you can imagine what it could bring you if you reach 10k followers on Instagram. 

People witness that growing followers on Instagram is very easy and simple once you learn how to produce engaging content and engage your followers by figuring out what actually works for them. This has also led to the emergence of a new term, “Instagram Marketing“. Instagram marketing is the key to your brand’s success on Instagram. Once you get your hands on it, your followers will keep growing day by day. 

Before we talk more about it, lets have a first look at the perks of reaching 10k Instagram followers. First thing first. 

Benefits of reaching 10k Instagram followers

Include links in your stories

When you reach 10k followers on Instagram, the featuring of link insert opens for you. You can add links to your stories that will direct your followers to the web pages and help highlighting the products, service. You can also make them share a new blog, join you for a campaign or build your email list via story links. 

You must have got an idea of what opportunities 

could open up for you if you reach 10k followers. You can access this feature by clicking on the link icon on the top of your story page. As you tap on the icon, two options come up – IGTV link or Web link. You can choose on of them for a single story.

This feature is very beneficial as it enables you to add links directly to stories which means you can easily promote your website, web page, blog or anything. 

Overall, Instagram allows you to put only one link in the “website” field in your Instagram profile. So, you can put anyone link in your profile that could be your website, blog or product shopping link. Some brands practice a link merger tool or “bio link tools” such as Linktree. This tool groups a number of links in one single URL which you can put in your Instagram profile to enable your customers visit more than one page through one link. Yet, this method is not as effective as story links.

Why is story link better?

Now you might think why are we emphasizing on story links instead of having a place for this in Bio. You know what attracts people, the easiness and simplicity. The less work your audience has to do, the more they try to engage with the content or product. Story links make it simpler for users as they don’t have to go and search for the link in the profile. 

There are more chances that if you put links on stories, users open them while if you ask them to check link in profile, they are more likely to give up. 

Just one step and users can access your URL. Yes! This simplicity makes them do it. All they have to do is “Swipe Up” and they can access your URL in a single step. No more searching. No going back to profile bio. Nothing. Just one click and it’s done. 

How to reach 10k Instagram followers?

Do you know that by earning more than 3k followers on Instagram, you can become a micro influencer? Yes! Just 3k Instagram followers can make you influencer, then imagine what would happen when you reach 10k. You can get paid partnerships with local or large brands. You can earn thousands of money by affiliate marketing, advertising and sponsored posts. 

We told you about the perks of reaching 10k Instagram followers but how to reach it? How to touch this mark? There are several ways you can grow you followers without putting so much pressure on your head. Let’s see what’s that.

1. Hashtags

If you have read our previous articles you must know what miracle Hashtag can do to your Instagram presence. Hashtags categorise your post and add it to the page consisting of all the posts with similar tags. By clicking on a hashtag, users can discover you. So, basically it makes your profile easily discoverable. 

Using relevant Hashtags can help you reach the right new audience and increase engagement rate. You can get more likes and comments on your post as well as an increase in follower count. As of now, Instagram allows you to use maximum 30 Hashtags in a single post and 10 in a Instagram story, so use them carefully and mindfully. 

2. User-generated content

Have you seen any Instagram account which usually runs a campaign in which they post user-generated content and tag the contributors to give them credit. Credit is everything on Instagram. Once you tag a user or give them credit on your profile, they get excited to see the engagement rate you have with your audience. 

Imagine a brand tagging your profile with 100 followers only just for a post which is unexpectedly marvelous. How would you feel? Overwhelmed, right? So, this is what happens. You use your user generated excellent content to attract customers and give him credit. All of your users become happy and overwhelmed to collab with you and recommend your account to others as well. This is how this method benefits you.

3. Listen to Users

The key to get success online and grow your followers is understanding your audience. Understand what they want to see, what they want you to improve, what they don’t like, etc. If you are targeting a particular audience, find what they want. Listen to their feedbacks and work on it. Do you know what Starbucks is known for? For its services and the way they pay attention to it’s users’ feedback. 

If someone leaves you a comment, tag you in their story, dm you or anything, just reply to that. Don’t let these interactions rot into Instagram. You should keep them interacted to maintain your social media popularity and position. Try to get feedbacks yourself by posting polls or surveys and ask what you can improve. Remember, nobody is a better judge than the user. So, pay attention.