Does Instagram Pay You For Views?

Getting lots of views per post and hoping to earn through it on Instagram? Well, whoever is on Instagram and wants to make money is constantly thinking of ways he could earn money by putting in less effort. This is absolutely normal because everyone is looking for ways to make more money from doing no hard work. Especially when you have an Instagram account and get a good count of views on your post although your followers are not even in the hundreds, you wonder if you can get paid for views by Instagram.  In this article, you will find the answer to this question. Come on, let’s begin then.Instagram Celebrities

Does Instagram Pay You For Views?

Everyone wants to earn money especially when they hear about the ease of making money with Instagram. But no, there is no way in the world you can get paid for views especially since Instagram is not someone who would do that. Instagram aims to make money not to give it away. Then how can you even imagine that it will pay you for views?

Instagram sells ads to people who want to advertise their brand or product through Instagram and make money from their views. All this payment cycle only includes the advertiser and Instagram with you standing nowhere. Each and every Instagram post is to keep the user activity on the platform for a long time so that more ads can be served. Curiosity is curiosity, it never dies. So, no, Instagram doesn’t pay you for views at all.

Why do people say you can make money by more views?

Someone told you that you can make money by getting more views on Instagram and now you are confused? Okay, let’s make it clear. It is true that you can make money in several ways with Instagram but it doesn’t pay you for views. But it is possible that the website or an individual telling you this while not revealing how you can make money by views is trying to increase his/her views by keeping you engaged. You don’t need to be illusioned. 

Oh yes, there is one way you can get paid for views. Have you ever heard about influencer marketing? This is the way a business or brand can pay you for views as the more views you will get as an influencer, the more audience their product will reach. Anyway, it doesn’t justify that Instagram pays you for views. So let’s find out other ways you can make money with Instagram. 

Ways to make money with Instagram

1. Brand Collaboration or advertising

If you have a certain number of followers on your Instagram profile you can expect to earn some money through Brand advertising. Well, it is called influencer marketing where a brand pays you to advertise their product. Now you might think that how is it possible to become a macro influencer such as Will Smith and Virat Kohli? A solution has been found to this problem as well because a new term has come into existence – “Nano Influencer”. Nano influencers are small influencers with a small number of followers that could be between 1000 to 10000. So you can now also become an influencer.

1.1 How does a Brand pay you? What is the criteria?

A brand chooses to advertise its product as per its requirements and affordability. For example, if you are an influencer with more followers interested in fashion, you have a fashion audience. Your audience is perfect for a business or brand of trendy clothes and beauty products. But don’t think that successful brands like Lakme will choose you while you have just 1500 followers. Their affordability is high and they would like to collaborate with more popular celebrities. 

Now the question is if a brand chooses you, how does it pay you? Brands pay you for views and likes. You could charge a brand based on a cost per click or cost per thousand views (CPM). Though it is the most common criteria to charge a brand or calculate metrics but not the only one. 

You can also increase or reduce your charge as per the number of posts advertising their brand or the length of time you spend on advertising them. Your average reach also matters when you get paid for a post. Though the CPM is the most common criterion for budget metrics for advertisers, it has both pros and cons. It doesn’t assure you of real action. You can spread awareness of your brand through this but it doesn’t guarantee any kind of clicks and actions.

A study shows that an average CPM cost $5.14 which is a rough amount paid for 1000 views while the average CPC (cost per click) is $2. It apparently seems less than CPM, right? But actually, this is how advertisers make a gamble. Let’s say you are an advertiser and you pay $2 for an average CPC that means you expect at least 4 clicks to your website when you pay an influencer $5.14 for 1000 views. But you will definitely get more clicks than this which means you will have to pay more if you paid your influencer as per CPC. This is how advertisers save a lot of money by paying you on the basis of CPM metrics instead of CPC while it is of no benefit to you.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Many people find it hard to sell their products through brand advertising. If you are also one of them you can use affiliate marketing to sell your product. Just go become an affiliate or arrange someone else. What is affiliate marketing? You arrange commissions from sales that come from the link on your website. 

For example, you must have seen on Instagram some people spreading awareness about some product and leaving a link in the description for you to buy it. When you buy something from this link you go to the original website and then purchase the product. It pays the original creator as well as the affiliate. But if you are here to know if Instagram pays you for views, you are definitely a creator.