4 Ways To Use Instagram Insights to Improve Your Marketing

Do you run a business and want to expand it online? Are you also an Instagram user? Do you have a business account on Instagram? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article we will tell you every single thing about Instagram insights – what it is, how it works, how it can help you expand your business, how to use Instagram insights to improve marketing and much more.

First of all we want to let you know that you can only access Instagram insights if you have a business account. You can switch your personal account to a business account through which you will have access to insights after the switch. Instagram Insight

What is Instagram Insights?

Nowadays Instagram has become a business and marketing platform more than a social media platform. If you haven’t used it yet and are running a business, it’s the time for you to take your business to Instagram. Instagram has several features including Insights.

Insights give you a brief about the demographics of your posts. It tells you how many posts you have added to the list or how many followers you have. How is your content working for your audience and if it’s engaging with them or not. If it’s engaging, which kind of posts are working Better or what is working for you. It gives you the demographics and traffic data on your website in the last seven days. It helps to analyse and choose the best quality content to serve next. 

There are three options to go on the insights section

  • Your account profile page shows a bar icon on the top right corner. Click on it and you will see your Instagram insights.
  • If you want to see insights for an individual post, navigate to that post. You will find the insights option on the bottom left corner. Just click on it and you will reach the insights section.
  • The last option to find insights on Instagram is the story. Go to your story and you will see the views on the bottom left corner. There you will see your insights.

The Insights section has a number of pages. You can scroll it down or swipe it to see total impressions, views, profile reach, call to action and much more. Have you ever thought that your profile insights can help you improve your marketing and expand your online business? There are several ways you can use Instagram inside your marketing and increase your brand awareness.

1. Analyze the Demographics of Your Followers

Exploring the demographics of your followers can help you reach your target audience better. The insights section shows the summary of followers demographics. It also shows the gender, age and location of followers.

When you scroll down in the insight section you will see the demographic data of your followers. You can calculate which age group, gender and where your followers are from. Scroll down to get the Deep information about your followers. This information can help you understand your followers better and reach your target audience better.

Below in the insights, you will see two graphs. These will tell you when your audience comes online or in which time of day or week they stay active. From this you can assess the best time and post your quality content during that particular time. It will help your audience to engage better with your content.

2. Posts Related Data

Instagram also provides its users a collective data for all of its posts together. To access the data you have to go to the post section and click on the see more. There you can see all your recent posts and their views data of the last year. This information can help you analyze what kind of content your audience prefers. 

There are also some links given above on the page. You can apply filters by clicking on them. For example, if you want to see the engagement rate of content categories, you can apply a content type filter. It will show you the engagement, measurement and metrics of different types of content (reels, photos, Carousel post). Just like this you can also apply filters for measurement and time of posts. If you want to see the data of an individual post, navigate it and directly go to insights. This will help you find the best performing content for you and upload more of that.

3. Reviewing Stories Data

Instagram stories are to keep your followers engaged. Your Instagram insights help you evaluate the data of your stories. On the insights homepage, you can see the impression data of your stories of the last two weeks. But unfortunately Instagram doesn’t allow you to access the individual story data. 

Here again, you can apply filters by clicking on the Blue links. It will get you back to the time when your audience stays active online and views your stories. Story insights help you find out what type of content is resonating with your audience to post more like that and what type of content pushes them away or forces them to leave your story.

4. Examine Paid Promotion Data

In the bottom of your insights homepage you can also find the Instagram promotions section. There you can create an Instagram promotion and view its activities. Just like stories and posts you can also view the insights of promotion. For example, number of impressions, number of engagement, money spent, views etc. 

Concluding the above article, Instagram insights can help you reach more audience better and improve your marketing. This data can help you understand the followers better and improve your profile.